Seller's Permit


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 Get a California Seller's Permit

A seller’s permit is required if you sell taxable items or planning to buy wholesale.  It allows you to collect sales tax from customers and report those amounts to the state on a regular reporting period (either monthly, quarterly, or annual).  You can apply and get a seller’s permit, and keep in mind depending on the amount of your estimated sales, a  security deposits are sometimes required.

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It's easy to apply, download a seller’s permit application and mail it to us along with copies of any requested documents. You can also drop by the nearest office and apply in person.

Permits are generally available the same or following day if you apply in person. If you apply by mail, you will usually get your permit within 7 to 14 days.

Here is the info you need to have handy.

  • Names and addresses of suppliers
  • Name and address of bookkeeper or accountant
  • Two personal references
  • Expected average monthly sales and the amount of those sales which are taxable
  • If you have purchased an existing business, you must also provide the previous permit information

Partners, corporate officers, limited liability company managers/members/officers, must also provide information.

Temporary Permits

A temporary permit can be used for special events like convections out of state and you need it to sell out of state for the special event.